Internet Archive Now Accepts Zcash as Donations


The nonprofit Internet Archive has included Bitcoin Cash and Zcash digital currencies as payment options for followers who wish to donate to help maintain their operations. Internet Archive is a digital library of Internet artifacts and web pages. The organization serves as host for Wayback Machine, a service that takes snapshots of web pages over time.

In his blog of mid-November 2017, the Internet Archive said that donations from his followers will help fulfill his mission of ensuring that the Internet remains “free, secure and protected indefinitely.”

“In the Internet Archive, we are big fans of the cryptocurrency movement and we have tried to do our part to test and support other means of negotiation.”

Other developments in the operations of the organization

Internet Archive also announced that it keeps its digital currency stocks in its portfolio and does not convert them into fiat currency. The group has been supporting Bitcoin donations since 2012 and has allowed its staff to be paid in the main virtual currency since 2013.

“We want to see how Bitcoin can be used, not just sell it.”

In addition, the non-profit group also announced that it plans to create a backup copy of all the books, audio files, web pages, television programs and software already produced and those that will still be launched at the same time. future. This will allow them to access all users for free on the Internet.
Short profile Internet Archive

Internet Archive was created by Brewster Kahle in May 1996 to provide free public access to scanned documents. These include music, websites, software / games applications, movies and videos. Internet Archive joins the likes of Wikileaks when accepting payments with cryptocurrencies.



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