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crypto currency is the latest investment method for many people these days. specially after bitcoin there have been hundreds of new crypto currencies were created and people are investing on them. the reason is simple. they are definitely getting more valuble each day and no one, even government can tax you or take your money away. when using or holding crypto currencies you get the maximum privacy.

our website is for those who are interested in Zcash. you can see the current value for Zcash in few different currencies including USD, EUR, GBP etc… along with Zcash we also offer current Bitcoin (BTC) and Litecoin (LTC) rates as well.


Europol: Zcash, Monero and Ethereum Follow Bitcoin in Cybercrime

Europol, the law enforcement agency of the European Union (EU), warned that the virtual currencies Zcash, Monero and Ethereum...

Internet Archive Now Accepts Zcash as Donations

The nonprofit Internet Archive has included Bitcoin Cash and Zcash digital currencies as payment options for followers who wish...